2016 Ontario Primary Care Paramedic Fieldguide

Up-to-Date 2016 Provincial Protocols
New 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines
2015 Air Ambulance Utilization Guidelines

More than 10 thousand copies sold!
By Jeff Frenette, P2, PCP(f), W-EMT

Copyright 2005-2016, MedGlobe Synergy
ISBN: 978-0-9866942-4-0

Don't be fooled by imitations with skeleton content! This is THE Fieldguide used by students in over 20 paramedic programs in Ontario as well as street medics, across the entire province. 310 pages of need-to-know information. Includes the most recent Base Hospital Symptom Relief and Defibrillation protocols. A must-have reference for working Paramedics and Students. Customization to base hospitals and services available.

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